Stardust Muse: Anna Karina


Model, actress and muse to famous new wave french director Jean-Luc Godard. Her story or face may not be as well known as Bardot or Birkin but Karina had a unique effortless style we adore.


Alphaville, 1965



Portrait by Jeanloup Sieff, for Vogue France April 1968

afe145e659a67984661c5738148de464Une Femme est Une Femme photographed by Raymond Cauchetier, 1961



Pierrot le Fou, 1965




Karina in ‘Une Femme est une Femme’, 1961


On the set of Le Petit Soldat


 On her wedding day toJean-Luc Godard by Agnès Varda, 1961








Jean-Luc Godard and Anna Karina at the Berlin International Film Festival, 1961



Caring for Vintage Sequins

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Here at Josie Stardust we are a little obsessed with sequins, but often get asked the best way to look after them – so here is our guide to caring for your beloved shiny things…

Wrapping your delicate sequin pieces in acid free tissue is the best method for storage, it keeps the sequins and beads from catching on each other and protects the shape of heavier beaded garments.

DRY CLEANING: Rule of thumb with sequins is to have them professionally dry cleaned, make sure to tell your cleaners it is a delicate vintage garment and if in doubt about their ability to clean it – take it to a specialist. ( Yes vintage needs specialists too…)

HAND WASHING: If the base fabric is one that can be washed you can try washing a garment at home, with a gentle hand wash. Once wet, lay garments out to dry on a flat surface. More delicate pieces can be rolled in a soft towel first to absorb moisture.

LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS: Avoid hand washing a wool knit base as is likely to shrink a bit and the heaviness of sequins and beads could stretch it out of shape. Rhinestones and silver lined beads do not react well to water either and are likely to discolour.

One final word of warning: Sequins on older garments from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s should never be cleaned. They are often made of gelatin and will melt when exposed to water or other liquids.

Enjoy your sequins!

Josie x

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GET THE LOOK: Vintage Cheerleader


2, 4, 6, 8 – what do we appreciate? Vintage cheerleading outfits that’s what! With varsity and cheerleading having a fashion moment we have picked the best pieces from the USA for you to get your spirit fingers out for! Here is some inspiration form the vintage archives to get you motivated…

890c7c68fbbd64ffd52cef2f5becbb91Cheerleading is RAD!

2362dc2fbd079f5367d0dc54aaa647b5Marilyn Monroe gets her cheer on

04cbfcc0aa5bea23c0b4f1649343cc70Sandy in Grease

Jane FondaJane Fonda kicking back in her cheer gear

69d05553a49bc14979c0e1d8bb45570950’s Cheerleaders

8c078434571ac5aa78d4b1b6c7965a0aMary Smith, one of the first African American Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, 1970

a5c0a88cefdf84569eb576df0a3d51d3Pele’s Cheer Squad

78af254c5279e0d96d5e64a952c4794f50’s Cheerleader


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