Josie Stardust cheerleading outfits featured in an editorial for Sticks & Stones Agency – check it out!















Photographer:  Kate Logan @thatwindingroad

Model: Ellie Louise Coker @ellielouisecoker

Model: Charlotte Jane @_charlottejane

HMUA: Leah Rose @leahrosehairandmakeup

Wardrobe: Josie Stardust @josiestardust available at Vintage Garage, Collingwood or contact hello@josiestardust.com.au

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CABIN FEVER editorial for Y.AMB Magazine

cabin fever editoiral

Vintage sweatshirts, Concrete Jungle Trading


70s vintage jumpsuit, Josie Stardust



Vintage tee’s, Josie Stardust


Vintage sunnies and tee, Vintage Garage

Vintage pants, Dizzy Miss Lizzy Vintage

Thunderbird ring, The 2 Bandits at Josie Stardust


Vintage top, Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Vintage jeans, Josie Stardust

Wrangler choker, The 2 Bandits at Josie Stardust

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Vintage tee, Concrete Jungle Trading

Shorts, Recycle Boutique

Vintage pants and top, Vintage Garage


Vintage tee Josie Stardust, Thunderbird ring The 2 Bandits at Josie Stardust

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Vintage playsuit, Josie Stardust


Vintage top, Vintage Garage

Vintage shorts and pants, Dizzy Miss Lizzy Vintage

Vintage tee, Josie Stardust 16

70s Vintage shirt and shorts, Josie Stardust



Vintage sweatshirt, Concrete Jungle Trading


70s Vintage romper, Dizzy Miss Lizzy Vintage

Photographer: Hayley Benoit

Stylist: Josie McManus

HMU: Star Royal

Nails: Lunel Laque

Models: Elissa + Lizzie at Folk Collective

Josie Stardust featured in April Issue of Ellements Magazine


Sequin Dress, Josie Stardust


Sequin Cape and Gold Belt, Vintage Garage

Beaded Top, Josie Stardust

Pants, Old World New Vintage


Faux Fur Jacket, Vintage Garage

Sequin Dress, Dizzy Miss Lizzy


Jumpsuit, Old World New Vintage

Fur, Vintage Garage

Scarf and Shoes, Josie Stardust


Oversized Top, Josie Stardust

Feather Boa, Aime Turnbull

Boots, ASOS


Capelet, Vintage Garage

Sequin Dress, Dizzy Miss Lizzy Vintage

Photographer: Sury Thoeng

Stylist: Josie McManus at Josie Stardust

Hair: Hermiz Daniel

Make Up: Maria Gullace

Nails: Lunel Laque

For Nudie x The 2 Bandits

Were so excited to announce you can now shop The 2 Bandits Jewellery at Josie Stardust! We have selected our favourite styles from each of their collections, and this week we throw the spotlight on the For Nudie x The 2 Bandits collection.

This collaboration was inspired by Southwestern style and the line features jewelry influenced by the notorious custom Nudie suits worn by every rock and country god, from Elvis to Sonny and Cher. So naturally Texan native Erin Wasson jumped on board by art directing, co-producing, and modeling the lookbook.

For Nudie by The2Bandits features a range of must-have accessories including rings, antique plated pendants, earrings and neck cuffs. Made of blue turquoise and moonstone, the pieces are both natural and statement-making – the perfect throw-on addition to any outfit.

The For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2BanditsThe For Nudie x The2Bandits

Modeled, art directed and co-produced by: Erin Wasson
Jewelry and co-produced by: The 2 Bandits
Photographed by: David Mushegain
Co-styled by: Coryn Madley
Clothing by: Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, c/o Valley Relics Museum, Los Angeles, CA

MOONSHINE by fridayiminlovexo


Josie Stardust Vintage 70s Rockstar Hat featured in the new Moonshine by fridayiminlovexo lookbook

Vintage Hat

Vintage Car

Vintage Hat

Vintage Hat

Vintage Hat

Vintage Hat

Vintage Hat

Vintage Dress

Vintage Hat

Model: Lydia Foord @big_lyds

Photography: Magenta @magentaphotography

H&M/Spray Tan: Stephie de Oliveira @stephaniiede /http://www.stephaniede.com

Designer & Stylist: Hails @fridayiminlovexo

Black studded boots @dear_milu


Meet the Model : Pascale Hunt

Pascale HuntMeet Pascale Hunt, the megababe modelling our new collection of vintage treasure. We sit down with the Bali raised beauty and discover she is so much more than just a pretty face…

Star Sign


Spirit Animal

Any and all felines

Where do you call home

Sanur, Bali
Pascale Hunt

How did you get into modelling

When I was about 13 or 14 and going to school in Bali, a lot of girls my age modelled for friend’s parent’s clothing lines and stuff like that. I signed with Balistarz agency around that time and did jobs on weekends and school holidays. When I graduated, I came to Sydney and signed with The Agency Models, and it took off from there!

What did you want to be growing up

I always kind of wanted to be a model. My mum used to manage Dally’s in Brisbane and is best friends with JDW, and they were both huge influences in my life growing up, giving me advice on style and etiquette and being a lady! At one point I wanted to be like Grace Kelly and be a movie star/the princess of Monaco haha.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling

Modelling has been a constant part of my life for a long time, but it hasn’t really prevented me from doing other things I’m interested in. I finished my Bachelors in 2012, and I’m currently doing my Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies. I don’t have a plan yet, but I hope to keep balancing modelling with other passions.

What would be your ultimate modelling job

Working for any of the big European fashion houses would be a dream come true! Also it would be amazing to do a beauty campaign for any of the big make-up names. I especially loved Estee Lauder’s campaigns with Caroline Murphy. And of course, being a Victoria’s Secret Angel!

Pascale Hunt

Describe your style in 3 words

Comfortable, earthy, ever-changing.

Style Icon

At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with Kendall Jenner’s style. I also love Abbey Lee’s style, and Kate Moss.

Favourite go-to outfit

It depends where I am. In Bali, a bikini and a sarong! In Sydney, high-waisted jeans and a nice shirt with comfortable shoes.

Pascale Hunt

If you could live in any decade which one would you choose and why

Maybe the 60’s, so I could go to Woodstock! I love the movie Factory girl and the fashion/art scene that was happening in New York at the time. There were also huge social movements happening that would have been amazing to experience.

Best vintage score

I bought a pair of Italian brown leather boots for $20 at a vintage market a couple of years ago that I have worn a million times and have never failed me.

Most treasured vintage piece

A vintage Trinity de Cartier ring that my mum gave me, I love it so much.

Favourite place to shop for vintage

Surry hills, the South end of King Street in Newtown, markets, and Enmore for crazy costume pieces.

Which piece did you love wearing most from the shoot?

I absolutely love the Moonstruck 70’s silk dress and the white, long sleeved wedding dress. Wearing it made me feel like I was in a fairytale! I also loved all of the vintage t-shirts, so comfortable and easy to style with anything.


Guilty pleasure

Definitely chocolate!

Happy place

My house in Bali with my family, dog Charlie, 3 cats, and my best friends.

Pascale Hunt

xx Pascale

Images from Instagram: @pascaleceline

Samantha Harris wears Josie Stardust for Fashion Journal

Samantha HarrisVery excited to be featured in this month’s Fashion Journal Magazine cover story staring beautiful Australian model Samantha Harris. Styled by my good friend Monique Moynihan and shot by photographer Cybele Malinowski (Josie Stardust 60’s blouse featured above)

Samantha HarrisJosie Stardust Vintage pussy bow sheer blouse

Samantha Harris

Samantha HarrisJosie Stardust Vintage Denim Jumpsuit with patches

Josie xx


GET THE LOOK: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

To kick off his 30th anniversary celebration Tommy Hilfiger created a Fall collection inspired equally by American football and Love Story. Get the looks now with our vintage sportswear collection…

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015
Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015

Images from: Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2015 Runway