Fashion Flashback: Studio 54

Jerry Hall Angelica Houston Studio 54Jerry hall and Angelica Houston, Studio 54 1985

Studio 54Located at 254 West on 54th Street in Manhattan Studio 54 opened it’s doors on April 26, 1977. Among the many celebrities present during opening night were Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli, Jerry Hall, Diana Vreeland, Halston, Brooke Shields, Debbie Harry, Robin Leach, Donald and Ivana Trump and newly engaged Rick Hilton and Kathy Richards. Hordes scrambled to gain entry but only a few got past the door. Some celebrities, including Warren Beatty, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Henry Winkler, Cher, and Frank Sinatra were unable to get in.

Halston, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley Jr., Liza Minnelli and Andy Warhol, 1978Halston, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley Jr., Liza Minnelli and Andy Warhol, 1978

Bianca-Jagger-celebrated-her-birthday-Studio-54A week after the opening, Bianca Jagger celebrated her 27th birthday party at the club.She entered riding in on a white horse led by a footman wearing a tuxedo painted onto his body

Olivia Newton John & John Travolta, 1978Olivia Newton John & John Travolta, 1978

Diana Ross Studio 54Diana Ross, 1980

Elton John, Lana Hamilton and Rod Stewart, 1978Elton John, Lana Hamilton and Rod Stewart, 1978

Diana Ross Studio 54Diana Ross shaking it on the dance floor, 1979

Cher Studio 54Cher

Drew Barrymore Studio 54Drew Barrymore

Village People, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner & Michael Jackson for 'Cant Stop The Music' party, 1980Village People, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner & Michael Jackson for ‘Can’t Stop The Music’ party, 1980

Bill Murray and Gilda Radner, dancing together at the 1978 Valentine’s Day ballBill Murray and Gilda Radner, dancing together at the 1978 Valentine’s Day ball

Blondie Studio 54Blondie

Grace Jones Studio 54Grace Jones

Studio 54 NYEOne New Year’s Eve celebration saw the dance floor covered with four feet of glitter, owner Ian Schrager described it like “standing on stardust”

Andy Warhol and Edie SedgwickAndy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

Jerry Hall Studio 54 Jerry Hall belting out a tune

Lauren Hutton Studio 54Lauren Hutton

Jerry Hall Andy WarholJerry Hall and Andy Warhol

Pat Cleveland & Jerry HallPat Cleveland & Jerry Hall

Diane von Furstenberg Studio 54Diane von Furstenberg

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson Studio 54 Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson

Studio 54As a rule, the ticket for admission was an outstanding outfit. Only an enviable sense of style could sway the infamously selective doormen

Grace Jones Studio 54Groovy Grace Jones 1978

Elton John and Diana RossElton John and Diana Ross

Brooke Shields Studio 54 1979Brooke Shields getting down 1979

Studio 54

Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger leaving Studio 54, 1979Jerry Hall & Mick Jagger leaving Studio 54, 1979

Studio 54 NYE

Happy New Year from Josie Stardust!

Party like its 1979 xx



Top 20 Vintage Christmas Covers


To celebrate the festive season we look back on the best Christmas magazine covers from the 30’s to the noughties…

608b5d71d685799d3755866164922549Vogue, 1930

a71cf8acd48124f11576b9c22d8b2914Harpers Bazaar, 19315eacc43f29c19fdb0e16db9360581491Harper’s Bazaar by Erté,1933

de96ad24174441e54d453bc90ec688b1Vogue, 1935

d5b343b53916b6609e481643f56e218bVogue, 1940

ff78ae048ffc7c2d8424497e7fb0b5b3Dorian Leigh and Ray Bolger for Vogue by Irving Penn, 1946

VoguecoverJan50_XLVogue, 1950

eef84d32e3b5ed02bd47ae15d627d732Jean Patchett for Esquire, 1954

vogue-dec-56Vogue, 1956

1c9d7367f8af41d10b5c1175d1c3de20TV Guide, 1957

0ee9022fe7999ceb16ea335002b86b76Holiday ,1958

VoguecoverDec65_XLVogue, 1965

Vogue-December1966-David-Bailey_btTwiggy by David Bailey, 1966

d921ee99347adfeb415129673dbad799Twiggy for Vogue, 1974

fa3f4f6b6a6147c9b4c5b1e0f2815121Twiggy on the cover of Harpers & Queen, 1973

46a583fbcd408749b960df8afc48e34cMarvin Gaye for Jet, 1976

594124776ded0ba1ac08988b1e7fa1b0Farrah Fawcett for Playboy, 1978

d7b917628f1a9f1a19cf8d85bfaff1b9Joan Collins for Playboy, 1983

4558a341c638ba742f3cd9a2c79f1407Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar, 1992

12_2002_btElton John and Liz Hurley for Vogue, 2002

Merry Christmas from Josie Stardust

Fashion Flashback: The Red Dress


From deep ruby to bold crimson, there’s nothing like a dashing scarlet dress to create wow factor during the Christmas party season. We take a look at this head turning fashion statement thought the ages – from pretty woman to a real life princess. Time to get inspired!

b11aae2f98d4ac05aa6543bd83cedc59Jean Harlow, 1930’s

e804ee59ad5cd94642d073a10ec15d72Lana Turner, 1940s

a0cab1b41bc8968f16a7e3b38995a019Gene Tierney, 1940s

1e98efed9ff9a234371fe75f2456b7c3-1Loretta Young, 1940s

f684ef4bdfb5478caa3585d6a8a4f318Cyd Charisse in Bandwagon, 1953

ed524b6757dbcf1271f657f80acf8012Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953

3e4918936fd8327bf37e351a6975da34Brigitte Bardot in a Dior gown before attending a ball, 1957

2cd79bb319196dd1cb94b18b3843de7aAudrey Hepburn Funny Face, 1957

7bb6e0a652b32fbd76403bb95e48559eSophia Loren, 1950s

ca05aefea27a027ca9ab8ddb77b65918Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, 1950s

bf89ee2f4adeba1f519110a4aca1b43cAnita Ekberg, 1950s

120049221c8fbb88a80b5bd2d546afcbAudrey in Givenchy, photo by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar 1962

84bb43eee4438c53af0d9338827a66a2Bianca Jagger at Studio 54, 1970s

0bcd503cbf15b81ef6f9b41acfe50355Diana Ross in Bob Mackie, 1970s

9ab667624a67f7feead5002e77d4a15eFarrah Fawcett, 1970s

966da4380b32e5964dd5b6c64f1f2335Princess Diana, 1980’s

1d7d1b00dbcc3b822faa1eaa29ba052aMadonna in La Isla Bonita clip, 1987

85526_OriginalJessica Rabbit, 1988

38ac78196bb02504829593952e6dc790-1Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, 1990

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