Top 20 Vintage Christmas Covers


To celebrate the festive season we look back on the best Christmas magazine covers from the 30’s to the noughties…

608b5d71d685799d3755866164922549Vogue, 1930

a71cf8acd48124f11576b9c22d8b2914Harpers Bazaar, 19315eacc43f29c19fdb0e16db9360581491Harper’s Bazaar by Erté,1933

de96ad24174441e54d453bc90ec688b1Vogue, 1935

d5b343b53916b6609e481643f56e218bVogue, 1940

ff78ae048ffc7c2d8424497e7fb0b5b3Dorian Leigh and Ray Bolger for Vogue by Irving Penn, 1946

VoguecoverJan50_XLVogue, 1950

eef84d32e3b5ed02bd47ae15d627d732Jean Patchett for Esquire, 1954

vogue-dec-56Vogue, 1956

1c9d7367f8af41d10b5c1175d1c3de20TV Guide, 1957

0ee9022fe7999ceb16ea335002b86b76Holiday ,1958

VoguecoverDec65_XLVogue, 1965

Vogue-December1966-David-Bailey_btTwiggy by David Bailey, 1966

d921ee99347adfeb415129673dbad799Twiggy for Vogue, 1974

fa3f4f6b6a6147c9b4c5b1e0f2815121Twiggy on the cover of Harpers & Queen, 1973

46a583fbcd408749b960df8afc48e34cMarvin Gaye for Jet, 1976

594124776ded0ba1ac08988b1e7fa1b0Farrah Fawcett for Playboy, 1978

d7b917628f1a9f1a19cf8d85bfaff1b9Joan Collins for Playboy, 1983

4558a341c638ba742f3cd9a2c79f1407Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier for Harper’s Bazaar, 1992

12_2002_btElton John and Liz Hurley for Vogue, 2002

Merry Christmas from Josie Stardust

GET THE LOOK: Vintage Cheerleader


2, 4, 6, 8 – what do we appreciate? Vintage cheerleading outfits that’s what! With varsity and cheerleading having a fashion moment we have picked the best pieces from the USA for you to get your spirit fingers out for! Here is some inspiration form the vintage archives to get you motivated…

890c7c68fbbd64ffd52cef2f5becbb91Cheerleading is RAD!

2362dc2fbd079f5367d0dc54aaa647b5Marilyn Monroe gets her cheer on

04cbfcc0aa5bea23c0b4f1649343cc70Sandy in Grease

Jane FondaJane Fonda kicking back in her cheer gear

69d05553a49bc14979c0e1d8bb45570950’s Cheerleaders

8c078434571ac5aa78d4b1b6c7965a0aMary Smith, one of the first African American Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, 1970

a5c0a88cefdf84569eb576df0a3d51d3Pele’s Cheer Squad

78af254c5279e0d96d5e64a952c4794f50’s Cheerleader


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